Your best friend: Sherlock Holmes
Your first kiss: The 10th Doctor
You live with: Sherlock Holmes
You will me in a relationship with: Mycroft Holmes
Your profession is: Time Traveler
You will be killed by: The 11th Doctor

Your best friend: Rory Williams
Your first kiss: Dean Winchester
You live with: John Watson
You will be in a relationship with: Rory Williams
Your profession is: Consulting Criminal
You will be killed by: John Watson



Oh Ten, you sly dog, you ;)

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Hunters get free drinks

::Lavinia. 21. Romania:: Today's special: Hannibal served with Supernatural sauce, a side of Sherlock and a sprinkle of The Walking Dead. Garnished with some Lord of the Rings and served cool with a glass of Harry Potter. For dessert, Breaking Bad style menths with an infusion of Game of Thrones. Let The Hunger Games begin! procrastinating

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